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Urs Schelbert was born in 1979 and grew up in Muotathal (Kt. Schwyz). He discovered his love for Chinese medicine through the Chinese culture. He is practicing TCM with great joy and deep conviction. Through his many years of training he mastered not only the 5 pillars of TCM, but also specialised in acupuncture and Moxa techniques. During this time, he made more than 1900 hours of internship in various hospitals in Hangzhou and Beijing.

Dipl. Naturarzt in TCM

In 2004 he began his study in traditional Chinese medicine in Tao of Chi with Dr. Skoien, which he copleted in 2009.

Internship Hangzhou China

He spent three months in Hangzhou for an internship in January 2009. 

Master of Medicine Acupuncture und Tuina

He moved to Hangzhou in January 2011, where he deepened his knowledge and extended his skills in traditional Chinese medicine at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU). In addition he also studied Mandarin. In 2014, he was awarded with the “master of medicine acupuncture and tuina” diploma. After four educational and inspirational years in the Middle Kingdom, he returned in winter of 2014 to Switzerland.

Internship Beijing China

From November 2015 till February 2016, he completed a three-month training in the Neurological and Orthopaedic Department in Beijing. In this renowned TCM institution, Urs Schelbert expanded his medical knowledge especially in the areas of acupuncture and tuina.

From February 2016 until January 2019 he works at MediQi as a TCM therapist.

9 Palaces TCM

Since 2018 he owns a clinic in Kleinstadt 6 in 6440 Brunnen (Schwyz).

Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Tui Na (Zhejiang Chinese Medical University)
Certified Acupuncturist (acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha)
Certified herbalist
Certified Tui Na therapist
Certified Qi Gong therapist
Certified dietetics therapist
Zertifikat OdA AM
Chinese medicine
Full-time study for 4 years at the Swiss School of Chinese medicine of TAO CHI (2004-2009)
Degree: Dipl. Nat. Arzt TCM
Full-time study for 3 years at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, China (2011-2013)
Degree: Master’s degree in acupuncture and tuina
Western medicine
3 years of medical training, Tao Chi Zurich Conclusion: Medical examination of the SBO-TCM
German, English and Chinese
TCM Fachverband (SBO-TCM) A Member
EMR experience medical register (ZSR number W655262)
ASCA Swiss Foundation for complementary medicine (ASCA ID 97671)
NVS naturopaths Association of Switzerland
EGK Eidg. Health Fund Switzerland (therapist-Nr. 34363)
Cantonal approval of the Health Department of the canton of Schwyz and Zug
(Professional approval as an acupuncturist)
Internships and trainings
2005 Physiology and psychology in the TCM with Claude Diolosa, Avicenna Institute
2007 Psychosomatics in the TCM with Dr. med. Klaus Dieter Platsch, Tao Chi
2009 3 months at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, China
2010 Chinese drug therapy and treatment of pain and headache with James Skoien, Dr. Noyer
2010 Chinese drug therapy the treatment of pain of the musculoskeletal system with James Skoien, Dr. Noyer
2015 Dermatology with James Skoien, Chiway
2015/2016 3 months at the Beijing Chinese Medical University, Beijing, China
2016 Internal training MediQi (dizziness, Shang Han Lun)
2017 Internal training MediQi
2017 Fang Shi Lun Jing Fang and Scalp acupuncture in neurological diseases with Suzanne Robidoux, Lian Herb2018 Interne Weiterbildung MediQi (Diskushernie, Qi (Energie) in der TCM, Asthma)
2018 Shoulder complaints RehaClinik Bad Zurzach – TCM Ming Dao with Prof. TCM, Dr. med. Yiming Li, Dr. med. André Aeschlimann and Dr. med. René Ochsenbeins
2019 Internal training MediQi (Jin’s three-needle technique, Dr. Shi Xue Min Xing Nao Kai Qiao)
2019 Dynamic Four Needles, Five Elements
2020 Japanische Akupunktur Kiiko Matsumoto Style Chiway
2020 Spirit of the Channels Jeffrey Yuen
2021 Schmerzbehandlung Chiway
2022 Long COVID Jeffrey Yuen
2022 Integrative Behandlung von männlicher Infertilität Dr. Med. Olivia Pojer
2022 Tongue diagnosis Andreas Noll
2022 Vitalpilze
2023 Shang Han Lun
Academic Conference Attendance
2013 October 13. International Symposium on Multi-disciplinary Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine and The 15th China-Korea Traditional Medicine Seminar, Hangzhou
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